Hello world!


My name is Brittany and I’m what I adoringly refer to as a professional hobbyist. I’ve tried and loved many things in my young life but I’ve never tried nor loved anything more than what I do on a daily basis now.

Currently (and hopefully long into the future) I am wonderfully “employed” as a stay at home mom/homemaker/house manager/husband supporter and the biggest cheerleader of my family – in all its parts.

Over the last 7 years (I can hardly believe its been that long) my husband and I have tackled and conquered so many life goals. We’ve had two beautiful, perfect, and I feel I must add, energetic children and are currently working on our third – due in December 2015! They are the highlights and best examples of everything we have aimed to accomplish as a family.

He is a busy businessman who does more in a week than I can even contemplate and I am the artist and masterpiece maker of our home life, which I have recently come to realize is a job that is not given enough credit (mainly by me).

I adore almost everything that comes with my job (minus my “dreaded 5” which I’m sure you’ll hear all about later). I love children rearing, child wrangling, babies, raising babies, snuggling babies, feeding babies, ummm… making babies, husband managing, house cleaning, house decorating, crap organizing, decluttering, fat food cooking, skinny food planning, list making, eating, reading, crafting, pinterest, online shopping, holidays, holidays, holidays and most of all finding better ways to do all of it!

Here I plan on documenting the successes and inevitable failures that come with it all as well as the humorous moments that make it all worth it.

Hopefully you’ll find it as entertaining as I do and though I’m no expert, maybe I can help someone somewhere with a bright idea or two.

All my happy thoughts to you and yours!

The Professional Hobbyist